When you purchase a Rotax 670 from Rotax Rick’s Engines, here is what you can expect:

You will often send us your Rotax 582 to upgrade or you can just buy the Rotax 670 from us. If you send us the 582, we will use your gearbox, head (blue or grey), carburetors, ignition coils, rotary valve, and ignition magneto components. We will provide a new crankshaft case, cylinder block, pistons, crankshaft, and exhaust. Or you can elect to receive a total engine ready to install on your aircraft.

You DO have options as you mull over how this will occur:

1. Yes, you can use your 582 exhaust but your resulting horsepower on the new 670 will not be as high as when you use our custom-made 670 exhaust.SideMountExhaust2

2. You can keep your oil injection pump, BUT ON A 670 WE WILL NOT WARRANTY THE CRANKSHAFT OR ANY DAMAGE IT CAUSES IF IT FAILS. A 40 to 1 OIL RATIO IS MANDATORY. Should you continue to use your oil injection pump (50:1 ratio), we DEMAND  that you manually add 3.2 OUNCES OF OIL TO EVERY 5 GALLONS OF GAS IN ORDER TO GET THE 40 TO 1 RATIO THAT ALL ROTAX LIQUID COOLED ENGINES NEED.

3. You can also request a clutch modification for your gearbox (as long as you have a C gearbox). YOU CANNOT USE A CLUTCH ON A B OR E GEARBOX. WITH A CLUTCH  the engine runs without turning the propeller until the RPM reaches a certain speed. Then the clutch will allow the propeller to begin spinning. One downside of having a clutch is that you ARE ADDING ONE MORE THING TO POSSIBLY GO WRONG!


4. We recommend that you utilize a Rotax expansion tank as part of your cooling system. The expansion tank should then be connected to an overflow tank.