Fuel and Engine Oil


This information is for all aircraft that have metal, poly or non-fiberglass tanks (WITH EPOXY RESIN), not Polyester resin:

  1. Buy fresh Ethanol premium gas preferred from Chevron, BP and Sunoco.
  2. Use either Amsoil Interceptor OR Quicksilver PWC oil (any of the 3 types of Quicksilver is fine)
  3. Run Premix at 40:1 ratio. (16 ounces for every 5 gallons of gas)
  4. DO NOT EVER USE NON ETHANOL GAS (other than 100LL Avgas which is acceptable). Rotax has a warning that it is “old stale gas.”
  5. If you insist on running oil injection you MUST ADD 3.2 ounces of additional oil for every 5 gallons of gas (a 200:1 ratio). For an oil to be awarded the TCW-3 rating it must run on the Yamaha 350 at 200:1 at full throttle for 2 hours. If your oil injection pump fails or the oil injection system fails, this will save your butt.
  6. When shutting your engine down, first rev it to 3500 RPM and pull on the enrichment chokes (or give it 2 big shots of primer).  This will be like a mini fogging and protect the internal parts of your engine.
  7. Fuel life is 2 months, depending on the amount of moisture it’s exposed to. You can add Stabile to the fuel if you know your flying may be limited.
  8. AvGas 100LL is the very safest gas you can ever use. I have rebuilt 100+ engines that used it 100% of the time. Don’t listen to the know-it-alls.
  9. THE BIG DEBATE is the 40:1 PREMIX RATIO. I been rebuilding the Rotax 2 stroke crankshafts since January 2011. Since then, I have learned a lot. Most other manufactures use 2 piling slots at the lower eye in the connecting rod to supply more oil to that prone to fail bearing. WSM, a large improvement company, builds replacement rods for the 582 engines with the required 2 oil slots. Now PLEASE understand this: every two out of three 582 engines that fail, does so in the lower rod bearing, which burns up causing the failure. Since I started rebuilding these crankshafts I have NEVER had one single 582 lower rod bearing fail. WHY? 70% of the cure is 40:1 gas oil ratio. The other 30% is due to the double oil slot.

The only time ethanol fuel is a concern is if you have a Fiberglass fuel tank!