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As a licensed airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanic since 1982, Rotax Rick works on ALL Rotax engines. We provide overhauls and repairs for anything Rotax in aviation. Our most popular endeavor is the, modified for aviation, Rotax 670 product. We take a Rotax 617/670 case (used in snowmobiles and jet skis) and improve upon it for aviation. We add to this engine ceramic-coated top pistons, a new/rebuilt crankshaft, dual ignition, and a custom tuned exhaust. We offer many configurations and feature options, building upon the Rotax great engine product with new advances. We provide custom improved engines with an improved upon time between overhaul (TBO) than stipulated by Rotax for non-improved 2-stroke engines.

Our 670 engines are in use all over the world. They are a work-in-progress, where lessons learned combine with technology advances to make the best product possible for 2-stroke aviation applications.  What’s it all about?  Read on.

  • For the engine we are working with, the cylinders are inspected, sonic cleaned and then painted. After that they’re honed to make sure they’re perfect.
  • The ports are inspected to make sure they’re correct. We use ceramic top pistons. This helps prevent cold seizures. These aluminum piston expand much faster than the steel cylinder wall and the ceramic top helps slow the aluminum pistons’ expansion rate.  Next on the list is the Ducati ignition. It is completely inspected & tested.
  • Any wire repairs are completed.  Once installed with the timing set, we move on to the intake. We inspect it, usually remove the oil injection & install a pump cover plate. New carburetor boots are also installed.
  • We inspect the coils, install new spark plug wires, coil protection boots, spark plugs and caps. We often find one spark plug cap that has a bad resistor, causing the spark to have to jump a gap before it gets to the spark plug. So new caps are mandatory. One of the most important parts on a 2 stroke engine is its carburetors. We take the Bing 54 carbs COMPLETELY apart & sonic clean everything. This is very very important so we inspect every part and replace any worn parts. In some cases the carbs require painting and then two part clear coating to shield them from the fuel.
  • We inspect the gearbox. If required, they’re disassembled, sonic cleaned and painted. A new gasket is installed. If the customer informs us of a seal leaking we replace the seal for a very small fee.
  • The electric starter is detached, cleaned, and then painted to match the engine and gearbox.
  • Once everything is assembled we install the engine in the test stand, hook up our exhaust & propeller (we have a gearbox to install on your engine that uses a belt drive system).  We test run all engines two hours, testing all the systems, plus adjusting the carburetors.
  • We complete a logbook.
  • The engine comes with a two year warranty starting with your first flight. We do this for those builders that need time for an engine install, plus cowling things where you don’t want to burn up warranty time.
  • All this, a better than new engine with many pricing options here.


Rotax Rick’s background encompasses many aspects of aviation from piloting to maintenance to building. Click HERE to learn more.

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